Honors English 10A: NonFiction

This quarter we will be exploring the effects and uses of persuasion throughout media and nonfiction.

Daily PowerPoints
Term 1 Hour 1
Term 1 Hour 4
Term 3 Hour 2
Term 3 Hour 3

Our Texts/ Resources
The Crucible
  • Exam F, 3/27
Darfur articles:
Holt //Elements of Literature//online textbook
  • USERNAME: student7992
  • PASSWORD: s3e3n
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam
Public Statement by Eight Alabama Clergymen
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail
"Running for His Life" by Michael Hall
American Rhetoric.com
Research Project Calculator

Outstanding Books for the College Bound Assignment

Ms. WT: Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms
Hour 2 Outstanding Books
Jordan - Green Mansions
Matt- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Brendan- Dune house harkonnen
Jonathan-Killer Angels
Blake-Les Misérables
Aaron-A Farewell to Arms EC
Aaron - The Things They Carried
Mitch-A Separate Peace(fake one, dont use)

Anthony-A Tale Of Two Cities
Nate-The Ox-Bow Incident

Tania-Ellen Foster
Grant-Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
Tori-The Picture of Dorian Gra
Mirja - The Catcher in the Rye
Kristen-Pride & Prejudice
Katlyn- Wuthering Heights
Brittany- The Portrait Of A Lady
Paige- Dune

~.: Mike - Catch 22 :.~

Megan - The Giver
Dana- Accidental Tourist
Collin - Monatana, 1948
Cari-Ordinary People
Ashley-Flowers for Algernon
Holly-Cat's Cradle
Mitch-Heart of Darkness e.c.
Kevin- The Left Hand of Darkness
John- Way Past Cool(the real one)
Mary-The Catcher in The Rye
Annika-The Chosen Maegan - Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe
Tori - Jane Eyre EC
Celeste - The Picture of Dorian Gray
Hour 3 Outstanding Books
Bri - Ellen Foster
Bryce-Flowers for Algernon
Rachel-Briar Rose
Neuchee-Fahrenheit 451
Eka- Invisible Man
Stephanie-The Little Prince

Alyssa K. - A Death In The Family
Alyssa K. - The Chocolate War e.c.
Sophia- Dracula
Sophia -The Pearl by Steinbeck-EC

Elizabeth - Shizuko's Daughter
Kendra Jones-Cannery Row
Rae-The Sun Also Rises
Karin - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
Karin - To Kill a Mockingbird - Extra Credit

Lizzy - Rebecca
Megan- The Picture of Dorian Gray
Gao-Like Water for Chocolate
Sayuri-Looking Backward
Paul- The Killer Angels
Ashley- The Chosen
Mike- The Return of the King
Bryanna-the turn of the screw
Taylor - The Member of the Wedding
Mitchell - Ender's Game
Kali - Flowers for Algernon
Carla- A Seperate Peace
Chelsey-I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
Elena- The Trial
Rae- The Catcher in the Rye-extra credit
Haley-Pride & Prejudice
Chris I-Catcher in the Rye
Emmanuel- Dune
BrittneyC- Jane Eyrehttp://park204.wikispaces.com/Jane+Eyre

Anna B- Catcher in the Rye