English 10B: Nonfiction Focus

PAL BEG Analysis
Media Literacy &Great Speeches

Daily Notes

read through pg. 46 for Friday, 12/16
through pg. 65 for Monday, 12/19
through pg. 84 for Tuesday, 12/20
through pg. 103 for Wednesday. 12/21
through pg. 115 for Thursday, 12/22

7-9 Dec: Research time for project
12 Dec.: Presentations, book check out, read Preface for tomorrow
(Night Paragraph 1)
14 December: PLATO, read through page 22 for tomorrow

(Night Paragraph 2)
(Night Paragraph 3)
21 December: PLATO
Password for all: english
Hour 2 Section ID: 4658378
Hour 3 Section ID: 4658379
Hour 4 Section ID: 4658390


4 January: PLATO

11 January: PLATO

13 January: College & Readiness--PLAN Test Results

18 January: PLATO

Due Dates:
Topic/Research Question due 1/30
Outline due 2/9
Rough Draft due 2/14 2/15
Final Draft with Works Cited due on by 11:59pm 2/15 2/17 Notecards due 2/16 2/22

Topics that are off the table for research
25 Jan.: PLATO
26 Jan.: How to look for a research topic
27 Jan.: Finding topics, printing articles, writing research questions

31 Jan.: Research
1 Feb.: PLATO

3 Feb.: Research
6 Feb.: Research

8 Feb.: PLATO

15 Feb.: Peer Editing/PLATO
16 Feb.: Peer Editing/PLAT
Analysis Questions due Friday, March 2
Speeches begin Monday, March 5
The Persuaders

10 Feb.: Finish taking notes on The Persuaders

22 February: PLATO

24 Feb.: College & Career Readiness

external image pdf.png 28 Feb.pdf
"I Have a Dream"

Possible Great Speeches

5 March:
  • Great Speech Outline due on before class.
  • All missings assignments due
  • Speeches begin
Print this week's Cornell Notes (bottom of this column) or copy them onto your own paper.
Go to "MCA Reading"
--> Select "Unit 2"
----> Select "PLATO? Advanced Reading Strategies"
------> Select module
14 December: Asking Questions: Complete Tutorial & Test
21 December: Finding Answers: Complete Tutorial & Test; *Sign up for*
4 January: Preparing to Review: Complete Tutorial & Test
11 January: Building Vocabulary, Tutorial 1: Complete Tutorial
18 January: Putting It All Together (20 pt assessment)
25 January: Building Vocabualry, Tutorial 2: Complete Tutorial & Test
1 February: Reading to Remember:
Complete Tutorial & Test
8 February: Doing Your Best on the Reading Test: Tutorial 1
15 February: Doing Your Best on the Reading Test: Tutorial 2 & Test
22 February: Complete Tutorial, Test, and Cornell notes (make your own) for one of these (you choose):
  • Understanding Social Science (history)
  • Understanding Science
  • Understanding Literature

Handouts and Other Information

Night Research Questions

Letter from Birmingham Jail
Statement from 8 Alabama Clergymen
external image pdf.png Great Speech Analysis Assignment.pdf
external image msword.png Great Speeches Questions.doc

Possible Great Speeches

external image empty.png Great Speech Analysis Outline 120222.rtf