The Wright Brothers

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- Wilbur was born April 16,1867
- Orville was born August 19, 1871
- Wilbur was mature in his judgements and was more likely to see a project througth
- Orville had a lot of ideas and enthusiasm, he was a dreamer
- Their family consisted of:
-mom -Susan Wright
-dad -Milton Wright
-siblings- Reuchlin
- Lorin
- Otis
- Ida
- Katherine
- Orvilles nickname is Bubs
- Wilburs nickname is Ullam
- The Wright Brothers designed and built a flying machine they named The Flyer and on December 17,1903 The Flyer made a historic flight that was 59 seconds and covered 852 feet. After this Orville and Wilbur Wright designed and made 18 other flying machines. These two brothers created the foundation for being able to fly.
- Wilbur died May 30, 1912
- Orville died January 30, 1948
- The 1903 Wright Flyer was put in the Smithsonian On December 17, 1948, where it still is to this day.

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