What power do words have in our lives? We will explore answers to that question and others in:
Honors English 10A: Non-fiction
Anticipated Due Dates:

Understanding Essays

Understanding Articles

Understanding Speeches


The Crucible

Autobiographies & Image Reading

  • Great Speeches

Tuesday, 3/2: Media Research* Research ? and main ideas checked off

Wednesday: Media Research* Outline due by Midnight on turnitin.com

Thursday: Finish Speeches

Tuesday, 3/9: Completed Draft Due in class on paper

Thursday, 3/11: Draft for grading due on turnitin.com by midnight

  • Act 1 for Monday

  • Act 2 for Tuesday

  • Act 3, webquest for Wednesday

  • Act 4, Digging for Roots for Thursday
* Essay Test Friday

Thursday, 3/25
Friday, 3/26
  • A Bunch of Stuff vocab due
  • As You Like It Film

Darfur articles:

Student Expectations Seen as Causing Grade Disputes
At Stanford, Tutoring Helps Make a Janitor Less Invisible
American Rhetoric.com

MLA Citation Guide from OWL
Research Project Calculator

If you need passwords for the databases, email Ms. WT and she will send you the brochure (it can't be published on the web).

Prefix/Suffix/Root website: http://www.prefixsuffix.com/rootchart.php?navblks=1011000

Crucible Webquest online

Inherit the Wind Webquest
Extra Credit Wiki Assignment, due Friday, March 26 by midnight. Follow all directions in order to earn credit.