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Independent Reading Project

1. Read an "Outstanding Books for the College Bound" that you enjoy. If you pick a book and find you don't like it, switch books.
2. Create an interesting, thorough project (either on two 8.5"x11" sheets of paper or a wiki page) for your book, that includes:
  • Title & Author w/ biography (see #3)
  • Plot Synopsis (don't give away the ending!)
  • Criticism section (What worked, What didn't)
  • Literary Information (genre, style, etc.)
  • Citations (quotations) from the novel
3. Some ideas to consider:
  • Why was the book placed on the "Outstanding Books for the College Bound" list?
  • Why would you recommend the book to someone else?
  • What makes the book “outstanding”? Think about the elements of literature—plot, character, symbolism, etc.
4. All written material from your project must be submitted to by midnight on the due date. All written information must be your work, unless it is cited appropriately (e.g. quotations from the work).

The method you choose to transmit this information is up to you. Be creative.

Read this first.
Wiki pages post here.
If you choose a wiki, link your page to others:
  • Classmates' pages that would also be of interest (If you liked this...)
  • Books in the same genre (either in class or from the web)
  • Author biography (start with your own, then link to your source)
Wiki Examples


You will be graded on the completeness of your explanations and specific support for your reasoning.
An A Project Will...
  • be organized--it is clear what is being talked about, information is grouped.
  • catch your eye--makes others want to read or look at it.
  • not be boring; it will be entertaining/interesting.
  • inform the reader.
  • include all components of assignment, including links to other pages & the index.
  • include examples--cite quotations.
  • be mechanically correct

A B Project Will....
  • be missing one or two of the above criteria.

A C Project Will...
  • make an effort, but fall short on more than two criteria.

A D Project Will...
  • be present with a little effort shown.

An F Project Will...
  • show little attention to the assignment or criteria.